The Futureheads, Good Night Out.

The Futureheads’ head-turning self-titled début full-length was and, surprisingly perhaps, remains a bright, quite brilliant, and quintessentially British release brimming with eccentricity and electricity likewise. The Mackem quartet are to commemorate its turning a head-scratching fifteen years old later on in the year with a string of retrospective shows nationwide, although they’ve also a new album – entitled Powers – to tout and, on the basis of Good Night Out, their future is as inviting as a revisiting of their revered past. For their finest recording in over a decade, when so much of what was sublime about This Is Not the World twisted and turned its way into this, it teems with those signature vocal interplays – equal parts dive bar kicking-out and barbershop quartet – as wiry guitars writhe and trebly cymbals splash. The archetypally North Easterly lyric: “You’d swap it all in a second/ For a good night out” lingers long after the below 208 seconds have elapsed, like awakening to the leftover taste of garlic sauce, as The Futureheads suggest they’re good for a good few years still to come.

Powers is available from August 30th via The Orchard, while The Futureheads play the Electric Ballroom on December 6th.