An Otherworldly Beauty, Karen O.

An Otherworldly Beauty, Karen O.

“We’re lying on the moon/ It’s a perfect afternoon/ Your shadow follows me all day/ Making sure that I’m OK, and we’re a million miles away.”

Granted, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Mosquito wasn’t without its foibles and felt the sound of a band sucked dry of inspiration, although they reclaimed much of the adulation to have served them so well over the years with a mesmeric performance at last month’s Latitude. Thus as the hackneyed adage goes, it would appear that if form is temporary, then class is permanent. And as Karen O again combines with inscrutable screwball big screen magus Spike Jonze, lending The Moon Song to his forthcoming self-proclaimed ‘love story’ Her, she exhibits a wondrously vulnerable side that remained absolutely invisible throughout the record aforementioned.

If the moon is often said to resemble a malleable cheese, then The Moon Song makes it out to be a sugary lollipop of sorts, with Karen’s berceuse-like stanzas approaching an excessively saccharine tone. Though grounded by a genuine sense of affection – one reflected in its unsuspecting, if somehow despondent major key acoustic undercurrents – the song willingly assumes the beguiling quality of a chanson, and one not dissimilar to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s insouciant songs contributed to Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep. Itself a dreamy number lullabying as the gentle gyration of a child’s mobile, it signals high time to drift off into the weekend…

Her is expected in UK cinemas mid-January.

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