First Transmission: The North Country, Island.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, making the irrefutable truth that The North Country’s Island has a greater ‘Comfort Guarantee’ than any mattress currently on the market a most welcome one. It’s the latest to surface from the Washington, D.C. outfit’s forthcoming In Defense of Cosmic Altruism full-length, and hears Andrew Grossman & Co. amalgamate guitar tones redolent of Band of Horses’ Cease to Begin, a quite tremendous key-change charged with vocal harmonies reminiscent of The New Pornographers, and slightly existentialist lyrics (“How many times do I wake up to a sign it’ll all be over soon/ Ask myself, ‘What have I done, what have I done with my life?’”) to create something that is totally their own; a soothing berceuse, sourcing triumph from trauma.

In Defense of Cosmic Altruism is available from this Friday, 29th September via The North Country’s Bandcamp.