The first time I can lucidly recall seeing Nic Offer flailing his limbs about in the air like he just didn’t give two shits was at Benicássim all of six years ago. Adorned in nothing more than a tee made translucent with copious perspiration and skimpy cycling shorts, a testicle dangled from one loosely elasticated leg. He was a sweaty, glorious, filthy, gorgeous mess of a man – his greased hair a sozzled knot of under-the-sofa spaghetti. I fell hook, line and sinker for !!! there and then, though they’d had me by the lobes for a few years already. For as crossover dance records go, few throughout the entire running time of the past decade came anywhere near the sheer jubilation and unadulterated ecstasy of Louden Up Now and, as such, it was that bit saddening when they rubbed all too much impenetrable prog into its sporadically hairy follow-up, Myth Takes. Still, Yadnus, Must Be The Moon and Heart Of Hearts take some beating to this day, such were their meaty, off-kilt beats.

Though the most convincing facet of their whole thang stemmed from the fact that they could compose these itchy, twitching puffs of euphoria with only a negligible reliance on the traditionally recalcitrant gadgetry now renowned of dance music as a pretty well all-encompassing genre. Thus as with any ecstatic indulgence, they’ve had their ups and their downs, not least in their unluck with drummers: Jerry Fuchs fell to his death down a Williamsburg lift shaft in 2009, while his predecessor Mikel Gius befell a similar fate when he was knocked from his bike in his native California four years before. Though where many bands would recede from spotlights, if not retire altogether in such circumstances it has always felt as though !!! genuinely believe the gaudy, sweat-speckled dance floors of this world need them like an amphetamine guzzler requires water come sunrise. And Slyd – the first to be popped from their forthcoming fifth THR!!!ER – is a return to the apex of their collective powers. “I don’t really like you, but I like you on the inside” goes its snide female vocal, epitomising the primal urges of clubbers worldwide in just the one solitary sentence and as they again employ relative minimalism to maximum impact, it’s once more all but impossible not to prize the demented ensemble inside and out.

DOWNLOAD: !!!, Slyd.

THR!!!ER is expected April 29th on Warp, while the Sacramentans play London’s Village Underground May 7th on top of TVOTR’s ATP.

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