TT, The Dream.

If there may sometimes be something of a diminished pressure, or expectancy, lumped upon strike-out solo albums, then in light of Warpaint’s supreme consistency and Jenny Lee Lindberg’s lugubrious, if often glorious Right On!, Theresa Wayman’s LoveLaws could have quite conceivably struggled to emerge from so long a shadow. But, tenebrous in tenor though it may be, everything that has surfaced thus far from her début full-length under the TT moniker has radiated dim genius, and The Dream most certainly does likewise. Led by Wayman’s mantric “on and on[s],” and founded on a leaden drum track that, as was with Love Leaks before it, plays upon typical trip-hop tropes, it makes for another eerie, revelatorily left-of-centre listen, as she continues to shine.

LoveLaws is available from May 18th via LoveLeaks / Caroline International.