Underworld & Iggy Pop, Get Your Shirt.

While the opening lyrics to Underworld and Iggy Pop’s latest collaboration, Get Your Shirt, will do little to allay suspicions that the latter is, these days, contractually obliged to strut topless as and whenever onstage (“I signed, I signed on the dotted line/ And I lost my shirt,” he’ll slur), this scintillating electro-pop romp serves as conclusive proof that both acts remain in their incontrovertible pomp. As was with Bells & Circles before it, the marriage of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith’s throbbing breakbeats to Pop’s unbreakably loquacious soliloquy is one which one might expect to end in instant divorce, but it’s flawless, almost certainly timeless stuff once more. And, as Pop continues to concede: “It’s getting so much harder to be free,” both he and Underworld have, herein, discovered a way not only to retain a true relevance, but so too to recalibrate two limitlessly creative and, with that, forever-progressive career trajectories. Another real joy.

Get Your Shirt is available now via Smith Hyde Productions / Thousand Mile Inc.