Weaves, Scream (feat. Tanya Tagaq).

Whereas the two prior numbers to have unravelled from Weaves’ forthcoming sophomore full-length, Wide Open – namely #53 and, subsequently, Walkaway – hinted at a more readily accessible sound, Scream (featuring so-called ‘throat singer’ Tanya Tagaq) witnesses the outré Canadians revert to quirkier type.

Beginning akin to something that Primus’ Les Claypool could quite conceivably have had a hand or two therein, a creeping, almost comedic bass line here combines with primordial rhythmic plodding beneath Jasmyn Burke’s acknowledging that, “We are livin’ in a time when misery is just common circumstance.” Of course, this general recognition of just how disenfranchised so many young people feel today has proven a common lyrical through line throughout all of Wide Open that we’ve experienced thus far, but otherwise Scream – which later hears Burke rabidly yodel, “Get up on the table, and scream your name!” – is a refreshingly discrepant listen, and the sort to suggest their second album could well be the one to well and truly spice up our miserable little lives this autumn…

Wide Open is available from October 6th via Memphis Industries, while Weaves play Oslo on November 21st.