Weaves, Walkaway.

In the comparatively tiny amount of time since Toronto quartet Weaves released their eponymous début album only last year, it certainly sounds as though Jasmyn Burke & Co. have been really hammering the ol’ Springsteen home. (No bad thing, obviously; so have we, obviously.) Yet whereas #53 touched upon the puff-chested anthemia of Born to Run, this second number to come from their forthcoming sophomore full-length Wide Open – namely Walkaway – instead taps into the (musically, incongruously) redemptive verve of, say, Downbound Train; which feels pretty fitting for what Burke considers “a song about empowerment and finding light in the darkness.” And, awash with chiming, hysterically American[a] geetars, wondrously unrelenting rhythmic components, rubescent strings and the like, these Canadians’ relatively immediate future is, incontrovertibly, looking increasingly bright.

Wide Open is available from October 6th via Memphis Industries, while Weaves play Oslo on November 21st.