First Transmission: White Kite, Devil’s Pact.

“Did you forget what it felt like to be alone?/ Have you forgotten what love’s like in a happy home?”

While often unequivocally universal, rarely are such inquisitive, societally incisive lyrics applied to contemporary popular song, but White Kite’s latest – entitled Devil’s Pact – is no ordinary number. Indeed, this is so richly textured an auricular tapestry, that Louis Shadwick’s irreproachable vocal – equal parts Casper Clausen and Tom Aspaul – isn’t necessarily its most ear-catching feature. For impeccably produced, hints of everything from Clausen’s Efterklang, to Chris Rea’s On the Beach, to Paranoid Android, even, have seemingly been dextrously woven into its most delicate fabric, Shadwick – along with twin brothers Tom and Will Dunning – creating a quite incredible bit of quintessentially 2017 pop music.

White Kite’s SoundCloud.