Wolf Parade, Against the Day.

Not only are Montréal trio Wolf Parade back, with their first release in three years, but Dan Boeckner, Spencer Krug and Arlen Thompson have also brought with them a new canine press shot. This heart’s on fire, et cetera. The song, though, is entitled Against the Day, and harks back to some ’80s heyday: synths from the Big Chair, upholstered with David Ball’s preference for the sinister, lead the way on what could – were it not for Boeckner and Krug’s highly idiosyncratic vocals – otherwise be mistaken for Yeasayer’s catchiest track since Odd Blood. It’s perhaps not what may be anticipated of Wolf Parade, going against their grainy indie-rock somewhat, but oddly enough, synth-pop suits them. The dogs do, too.

Against the Day is available now via Sub Pop, while Wolf Parade play The Dome on March 11th.