Absorbing Absenteeism, MOLD BOY.

Absorbing Absenteeism, MOLD BOY.

It’d be only too easy to accuse Montréal’s MOLD BOY, née Alex Calder, of having stagnated musically over these past few months or so, so homogeneous in timbre and tonality likewise has almost every one of the 30-odd songs we’ve heard from him under this particular guise thus far been. But to suggest as much is to do Calder a pretty disgusting disservice, for his every work resonates with the humility of, for instance, Chris Cohen, with this then intermingled among the muzzy atmospheres of, say, Slasher Flicks. And YEARS, Calder’s latest six-track collection, is no exception. Reminiscent of Bradford Cox filling Merriweather Post Pavilion with plush and dulcet sonic perfume, THINGS TO DO is itself exceptional, maniacal loops scarcely kept in check by the sheer rigidity of the bass line that just about manages to anchor the track.

Carlito, although monosyllabic, recalls a lovelorn Mac DeMarco as much as it does a sedate Islet, the below outcome disorienting as the impression such parallels may well, and rightly can, provoke.

Nonetheless, as is so often Calder’s wont, it’s the EP’s opening title track that imbues YEARS with an immediate gusto that slowly, surely and so too masterfully is made to recede right the way through to the pleasantly lazy HOLIDAY to conclude proceedings. But YEARS, by contrast, sounds evocative of a tornado whipping up an analog frenzy around a couple of decrepit tape spools, and is just so irresistibly hypnotic by consequence. And we can but hope that 2014 sees this sort of absorbing absenteeism garner a significantly wider audience…

MOLD BOY’s Bandcamp.

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