Yeasayer, Let Me Listen in on You / Fluttering in the Floodlights.

To paraphrase a famous proverb, there’s no single without album and, following on from the ‘eminently loveable’ I’ll Kiss You Tonight, Yeasayer have now announced news of their forthcoming fifth studio full-length, Erotic Reruns. Lifted from it, Let Me Listen in on You – the final song from its first side – is on-brand in both name and nature, as Anand Wilder promises, somewhat pruriently, “I can make your dreams come true/ If you let me listen in on you” atop a track which harks back to that oracular, spectacular heyday of MGMT.

All the more involving, however, is its ninth and final number, Fluttering in the Floodlights: a scintillating, left-of-centre dancefloor-filler redolent of Wilder, Chris Keating and Ira Wolf Tuton’s regrettably underrated Odd Blood, Mewing guitars swiftly give way to disco-indebted percussion and synth hooks sticky as Velcro. Keating takes a perhaps aptly carnal lead, ahead of the kind of crescendoing key change which has so often elevated Depeche Mode both above and beyond. It’s fleeting, as is Fluttering in the Floodlights, although this is what ‘repeat’ buttons are there for.

Erotic Reruns is available from June 7th via Yeasayer.