Yes & Yes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Yes & Yes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“Mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito!”

And so begins Suck Young Blood, the first we’ve heard from Karen O’s ceaselessly innovatory Yeah Yeah Yeahs since It’s Blitz! back in ’09. A mantric hiss foreboding the barbed excellence to follow, below are the two newbies O & co. aired over the weekend at Pomona, California’s The Glass House in all their gorily raw glory. The first, supposedly entitled Suck Young Blood, recalls the timeless, artful scratchiness of Fever to Tell (the trio’s début full-length which will quite unbelievably this year celebrate its 10th anniversary of existence) as O vexedly caterwauls as though herself a starved mozzie, with Nick Zinner’s guitars twitching similarly irritably. Brian Chase, too, comes into his own among its dying moments as the NYC outfit up the ante to a blurry fuzz of humming irresistibility. Warranted buckets of whooping then shower the recording, as it fades to black which brings us bang up to its fellow debutant, a track that again only allegedly for now functions under the title of Earth. All clunky, loose bass lines and tight cowbell rhythms, it’s the sound of the troupe coming back down to the hi-fi stylisation of Show Your Bones – the sulky, spangly pop stomp of Gold Lion, or Phenomena for instance. Hinging off a soothed chorus and of course further excitable shrieking, it’s an indeed inherently exciting reintroduction and certainly were these to feature as the two sides to the same bit of black wax it’d make for a darn hot one for all those cold hearts out there.

DOWNLOAD: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Suck Young Blood / Earth.

An as yet untitled fourth full-length is due sometime this spring.

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