Competition: Win an Auna 182TT USB Turntable Record Player with Dots & Dashes.

Competition: Win an Auna 182TT USB Turntable Record Player with Dots & Dashes.

It’s all too infrequently we give something this tangible back to all those preying ears and prying eyes out there that make all this worthwhile, and with summer now seemingly upon us it seems as opportune a time as any to offer up to someone or other an Auna 182TT USB Turntable Record Player, courtesy of HiFi-Tower. Fully equipped with USB capability, and therefore straddling the ever widening divide between the analog and digital realms, the 182TT boasts surprisingly high fidelity playback for a piece of kit so moderately priced. That said, if you’re looking for a bit more bang for your minimised buck – and if this has one foible, it’s that its integrated speaker system could pack a slightly heftier punch – then it’s of course also kitted out with a highly reliable line output for playback on any existing hi-fi systems you may well already have.

Outfitted with an Audio-Technica needle capable of overcoming even the odd bump and kink in your most cherished 12″, its perhaps most distinguished feature is its extraordinary pitch adjustment control which, aside from allowing you to facetiously caricature anyone from FlyLo to Ariel Pink with gurgling dips and manic accelerations, enables you to pinpoint the acute speed at which playback is at its most precise. Needless to say a necessary facet when it comes to digitising your vinyl stockpile, the 182TT may be a compact package but it more than compensates in a quality that’s absolutely unanticipated of such a competitively priced combo.

To get your hands on the above, the A lies in the below Q:

We’ve yet to fully recover from this year’s Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, although with which homegrown West Country ensemble did we see out Friday night?

Email us on with the correct answer – hints as to which can be found here – by Monday, 2nd September and we’ll pluck an address from the inbox-shaped hat then.

This competition has now closed, and our lucky winner has since been notified. Thanks for taking part, and keep ‘em peeled for future competitions!

In the meanwhile, head over to HiFi-Tower for all manner of audiophile fare, inclusive of DJ packages at very low prices.

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