Dots & Dashes’ Tracks of 2012: #1 – #10.

Dots & Dashes’ Tracks of 2012: #1 – #10.

So this is it. Whilst John Lewis, and Nigella Lawson, and all those other odious household bods and sods build up to Sufjan Stevens’ excessively beloved time of the season, here’s us stealing their mistletoe and smooching with your attention. Right? Below be ten veritably bulging gifts from we to you. There: have at ’em. Early Christmas pressies. Free of charge. Or that’s at least ’til the BMI enforce the absurd licensing regulations long since menaced, when we’ll henceforth trawl the annals of our analytics and embark upon a marathon knock-a-door dressed as Mr. C circa Sycophant Slags, shrapnel chinking in a saucepan sullied with gristly leftovers. Give generously this yuletide then, yeah?

Irregardless, please do feel free to deem this the grand finale; the overwhelming crescendo of what is now as good as dearly departed a year. These are our finest ten compositions of that year, and so without further prolix ado:

Dots & Dashes’ Tracks of 2012: #1 – #10.

10. Scissor Sisters, Let’s Have A Kiki.

9. Empty Pools, Exploded View.

8. Girls Names, The New Life.

7. Liars, No.1 Against The Rush.

6. David Byrne & St. Vincent, Who.

5. kwes. lgoyh.

4. DIIV, Doused.

3. Underworld, And I Will Kiss (feat. Dame Evelyn Glennie).

2. Major Lazer, Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman).

1. HAERTS, Wings.

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