First Transmission: Space Mountain, White Light.

For many years, Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain represented the acme of personal insurmountability: first time around, height prohibited; subsequently, as kidulthood disintegrated, unadulterated terror played its part. But, not to

Mister Heavenly, Beat Down.

While the rains intermittently hammer down with mean insistence today – a sodding Thursday, of all days – you may well be in need of a pick-me-up; and who better

Nick Mulvey, Mountain To Move.

Whereas the lavishly orchestrated Unconditional and, subsequent to it, the altogether trip-hoppier Myela – both lifted from his forthcoming sophomore full-length, Wake Up Now – witnessed Nick Mulvey venture into

Wolf Parade, Valley Boy.

Having sort of assumed last year’s Scala date would be something of an anomalous, only momentary revival – a(n admittedly, exemplary) live show that, if a fervid reminder of the