Pick a Piper, Fragments.

‘A blinding ambient-techno blast awash with real warmth’, Pick a Piper reveals the exemplary Fragments from his forthcoming Sight full-length.

Corridor, Pow.

Packing the ample punch its title might imply, Pow is the latest to surface from Canadian quartet Corridor’s forthcoming Junior full-length.

Junior Mesa, 3 AM.

Having previously impressed with the sprightly All or Nothin’, Californian songsmith Junior Mesa does so all over again with the rather more equable 3 AM.

Caribou, Home.

‘An unmistakable reintroduction to the immediacy of his sound’, Caribou returns after a five-year absence with the intergenerational duet, Home.

Halls, The Gift.

Making a most welcome return, Halls – known to loved ones, the law, and the like as Sam Howard – gives us the ‘avant-pop marvel’ that is The Gift.

Sleater-Kinney, ANIMAL.

To coincide with their imminent transatlantic jaunt, Sleater-Kinney have unleashed a new single in the form of the “untamed” ANIMAL.