Manic Street Preachers, Orwellian.

A first to surface from their fourteenth studio full-length, the Manic Street Preachers proffer welcome reprieve from our dystopian present with Orwellian.

Sharon Van Etten, All Over Again.

Previously unavailable, aside from on the physical flip-side of I Don’t Want to Let You Down, Sharon Van Etten at last releases All Over Again online.

Wicketkeeper, The Side.

With long-overdue news of a début album – entitled Shonk, and due in mid-October – comes the spirited The Side, from power-pop three-piece Wicketkeeper.

Future Islands, For Sure.

Featuring trademarkedly ebullient bass and hook-line-sinker synths, Future Islands at last return with For Sure – their first in three years.

Fear Of Men, Into Strangeness.

A timely, yet time-conscious, reminder that there is ample life left in them, Fear Of Men return with the intense, restive Into Strangeness.