Perfume Genius, Pop Song.

Taken from his collaborative live dance project The Sun Still Burns Here, Perfume Genius has turned in the tensile, sublime Pop Song.

Robin Richards, Toompea.

An audacious introduction his début solo EP, Castel, Dutch Uncles’ Robin Richards has revealed the neo-classically inclined Toompea.

Wolf Parade, Against the Day.

For their first release in three years, Wolf Parade go against their grainy indie-rock somewhat with the synth-poppy Against the Day.

Battles, Fort Greene Park.

The fourth and final number to surface from Battles’ Juice B Crypts before its release this Friday, the Brooklyn duo reveal the pulsating Fort Greene Park.

Talker, Keep Me Safe.

Strikingly reminiscent of Julien Baker’s dolorous outpour, Talker – aka Celeste Tauchar – turns in her her most versatile, stirring vocal on Keep Me Safe.