Pixies, Um Chagga Lagga.

While Indie Cindy represented, purely and simply, a qualitatively questionable and motivationally money-making compilation, pulling together material taken from a number of then-contemporary, and commensurately iffy EPs, the Pixies’ follow-up

Angel Olsen, Shut Up Kiss Me.

Those soft, rubescent synths of Intern may have been packed back away, but the argent wig remains in the self-directed vid for Angel Olsen’s Shut Up Kiss Me; a second

The Avalanches, Subways.

Whereas Frankie Sinatra heard The Avalanches meld together such musically incongruous, if temporally, relatively intimate tracks as Wilmoth Houdini’ Bobby Sox Idol and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s My Favorite Things, while

Portishead, SOS.

Long before the tragic killing of Jo Cox MP (RIP), Portishead recorded an unremittingly dour, if truly remarkable cover of ABBA’s antithetically uplifting 1975 single, SOS; now, with hate (and,

Review: Wolf Parade, Scala.

The regularity with which so-called ‘cult’ bands cultivate a (for want of a better, or less alliterative word) cultured sound really is rather extraordinary. There is, and presumably always will