Wolf Parade, Against the Day.

For their first release in three years, Wolf Parade go against their grainy indie-rock somewhat with the synth-poppy Against the Day.

Battles, Fort Greene Park.

The fourth and final number to surface from Battles’ Juice B Crypts before its release this Friday, the Brooklyn duo reveal the pulsating Fort Greene Park.

Talker, Keep Me Safe.

Strikingly reminiscent of Julien Baker’s dolorous outpour, Talker – aka Celeste Tauchar – turns in her her most versatile, stirring vocal on Keep Me Safe.

Blaue Blume, Vanilla.

Having at last detailed their sophomore full-length, entitled Bell of Wool and due next month, Blaue Blume concurrently unveil the febrile Vanilla.

Pick a Piper, Fragments.

‘A blinding ambient-techno blast awash with real warmth’, Pick a Piper reveals the exemplary Fragments from his forthcoming Sight full-length.