Wolf Parade, You’re Dreaming.

‘Some of their most unapologetically immediate minutes since a certain 2005 long-player’, the returning Wolf Parade stream You’re Dreaming.

Honeymoons, Daze.

‘A rose-tinted doozy that’s as supremely inviting as the inebriated stumble over the post-hitch threshold’, Bournemouth’s Honeymoons return with Daze.

Weaves, Walkaway.

Awash with chiming, hysterically American[a] geetars and even rubescent strings, Weaves stream Walkaway – a second to come from forthcoming LP, Wide Open.

Weaves, #53.

An expansive return, replete with Born to Run-ready synths, stream Weaves’ #53 from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Wide Open.

Four Tet, Planet.

‘Seven-plus minutes of sprawling, celestial splendour’, Kieran Hebden – aka Four Tet – breaks his radio silence to set Planet out on its way.