First Transmission: Honeymoons, Trying.

Vocally evocative of Jackson, Mississippi songsmith Dent May, while awash with lilting waves of buoyantly lo-fi, Tame Impala-like instrumentation, Honeymoons’ Trying suggests the emergent Bournemouth outfit may yet succeed where

BANKS, Gemini Feed.

Thought BANKS’ twitchy comeback track, Fuck With Myself, was something effing, if not ineffably fantastic? Yeah, us too. But Gemini Feed – a second to come from the Californian’s forthcoming

Review: bluedot 2016.

If space is indeed the place, as Sun Ra once projected, then bluedot definitely comes a close second. Because, far removed from the fear and loathing, and trials and tribulations

First Transmission: Geowulf, Saltwater.

There’s an irony that’s as deep as the South Pacific in Star Kendrick, of Noosa duo Geowulf, singing, “Come to the ocean/ Even when you’re broken/ Come to the water/

Review: Citadel 2016.

Perhaps it’s the heat – Sunday was, until Monday (and Tuesday subsequently), the hottest day of the year, after all – or the fact that Citadel sits in the shade

Review: Truck Festival 2016.

From West London to Reading; Cardiff to Swansea, I’ve travelled the length and three-lane breadth of the M4, pilgrimaging hither and yon, in honour of the Manic Street Preachers. Of