Dirty Projectors, Search For Life.

In stark contrast to the buoying vibrancies of Overlord, Search For Life – a second to come from Dirty Projectors’ forthcoming extended play, Windows Open – makes for a rather more introspective take. Figuratively, Maia Friedman once again takes centre stage, exhibiting yet more strings to her proverbial bow, above Oliver Hill’s seesawing arrangements which come and go with fancy whim. But to reiterate, whereas its predecessor brimmed with rainbow vim, Search For Life instead seems more like a sepia rumination on time consigned to history; and while peripheral, it is art crafted – quite unmistakably – by Dave Longstreth. The lilting acoustic guitar lines recall Two Doves; the baroque orchestration remains; as does a longing for the lost. But his is our gain once again.

Windows Open is available from Friday, 27th March via Domino.