Sean Nicholas Savage, Opposing Truths.

So unrelentingly prolific is Sean Nicholas Savage, that keeping yourself abreast of the Canadian’s self-confessedly ‘devotional’ musical outpourings is pretty much a part-time job in and of itself. It’s not the sort that pays overwhelmingly well, alas, although it’s made so thoroughly rewarding by the fact that – as Opposing Truths quite unequivocally serves to demonstrate – Savage is as proficient in producing borderline goofy, forever-lovelorn ballads as he is prolific. Thus as this one fades to black, all hair-metal guitars and discrepant ’80s synths, you’re left feeling as though not one of the preceding, unpaid 245 seconds has been wasted.

Opposing Truths is taken from Sean Nicholas Savage’s forthcoming (and, for that matter, umpteenth) full-length, Yummycoma, which is available from October 13th via Arbutus Records.