First Transmission: Dogsbody, Let It Die.

As début singles go, Dogsbody’s Let It Die stands out in so many ways. Firstly, it spans well over five minutes; secondly, in place of a confirmatory sort of chorus, it boasts a saxophone solo. As such, you’d be forgiven for thinking it may fail to hold your attention, presupposing it has managed to grab this in the first place. Although these aren’t the sole elements which set the song not merely apart from, but above and beyond many another as paired with plaintively strummed acoustic tones, the vocal recalls the more angelic moments of Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Enemy, Iota, and so on). It has also been impeccably produced – real pin-drop stuff – which fuels and fires up an eruptive drum fill, thence spewing grunge-encrusted chunks of electric guitar and that sax part. It’s a properly exemplary recording and, in essence, perfectly fulfils its “promise of a short oblivion.”

Dogsbody’s SoundCloud.