Speedy Ortiz, Lucky 88.

Drawing upon the more unapologetically poppy lilt to Sadie Dupuis’ Slugger, Speedy Ortiz return with the ‘idiosyncratically saccharine’ Lucky 88.

Wye Oak, It Was Not Natural.

‘All cloud-busting choruses and sky-scraping synths,’ Wye Oak’s readily traceable ascent continues apace with It Was Not Natural.

David Byrne, This Is That.

‘Brimming with Ryōanji-worthy Zen,’ David Byrne streams the special, profound, Daniel Lopatin-produced This Is That from his upcoming American Utopia album.

Frank Ocean, Moon River.

‘The kind of cover to render every other redundant,’ reclusive Long Beach crooner Frank Ocean delivers a velvety rendition of Moon River.