LA PRIEST, Party Zute / Learning To Love.

It’s been a comparatively momentous week already for Sam Dust – né Eastgate; aka erstwhile leader of Late of the Pier – what with the infatuating futurist having played his “first proper gig” under the guise of LA PRIEST (pronounced “Lah Pree-st”, apparently) no more than a matter of mere days ago. Then, it was the penultimate, so too pulsating bipartite Party Zute / Learning To Love that had pulses a-racing; and on record, across eight-and-a-half shape-shifting minutes, it does so all over again.

On such evidence, comparisons with a certain Cosmo Sheldrake shan’t go disintegrating any time soon we shouldn’t have thought, although once Eastgate’s glammed-up production really gets itself going, it has considerably more in common with P-Funk and Four Tet than it does pygmy music and maimed vocal samples. “It’ll be just like learnin’ to love all over again,” he’ll later reiterate with peppy, yet exigent insistence; and sure enough, little by little, it’s starting to sound a lot like LA PRIEST is to appropriate all of the cultish allure once afforded his past charges…

LA PRIEST plays The Great Escape, Brighton on Thursday, 14th May; you can now peruse our soi-disant ‘Fest Bests’ for that particular aestival get-together right here, too.