First Transmission: Tom Aspaul, Good Together.

With its elastane bass lines, spangly breakdowns and such idiosyncratic metaphorical content as, “You were the apple from the tree/ You were the pull of gravity/ And I’m fallin’/ Yes, I’m falling”, it’s fair to suggest you’d do well to find any one track that’s as positive, and with that positively representative of contemporary pop music, as Tom Aspaul’s Soho-inspired latest, Good Together. However that’s not, nor ever to suggest the Londoner’s GRADES-produced, and grade-A electro-pop pièce de résistance is in any way humdrum or run-of-the-mill; for this is flawless. Absolutely flawless. And if this is what Aspaul is now capable thereof when “feeling a bit concussed”, having blacked out the preceding evening, then we impatiently await any more lucid a moment with bated breath.

Tom Aspaul’s SoundCloud.