Cloud Nothings, The Echo of the World.

A mere eighteen months or so on from Life Without Sound, and what may well be Dylan Baldi’s absolute best to date, comes news of Cloud Nothings’ Last Building Burning. The first escapee from it is the restive, turbulent The Echo of the World, during which Baldi’s modestly low-in-the-mix vox belie a crunchy post-hardcore nucleus before disintegrating altogether, only to return for a climax echoing its explosive outset. It captures the restless essence of their onstage onslaughts in a way that Life Without Sound did not, and is thus something of a reversion to the amped-up rampages contained within, say, Here and Nowhere Else, or Attack On Memory before it. Which, if memory serves, can be no bad thing, even if the glossy indie-rock glaze which coated its predecessor was yours.

Last Building Burning is available from October 19th via Wichita Recordings.