Fenne Lily, Hypochondriac.

There could hardly be a more opportune time for Fenne Lily to release a track entitled Hypochondriac, with the country descending into collectively valetudinarian delirium, but take a break from involuntarily caressing your face to press the below play button, and you’ll find a musically sanguine number worthy of way more than twenty seconds of your time. Lyrically, Lily’s Dead Oceans début is less so, as she soothes of “freaking out” and agitatedly urges she “look alive,” although this disparity between words and music creates a perhaps apt disorientation: driving rhythmic components meet neatly with composed, poised Blind Melon-like guitar lines, yet they’re offset – and, in turn, set off-kilter – by increasingly manic neuroses. This is of course compounded by a closing minute which shifts in key and context likewise with unlimited fluidity, but as reintroductions go, this one’s dead good. And, respiratory tract infections notwithstanding, Lily’s voice remains a majestic centrepiece.

Hypochondriac is available now via Dead Oceans.