Waxahatchee, Can’t Do Much.

In these purgatorial times, there is of course a deep-seated sardonicism in Waxahatchee revealing a track entitled Can’t Do Much, from her forthcoming Saint Cloud full-length; not least as it begins with a lyric concerning the coalescence of “Heaven and Hell.” Nevertheless, listen beyond the inauspicious, and while Katie Crutchfield’s latest may be inopportunely titled, it’s most welcome: musically, much like Fire before it, a vernal Americana warmth glows within the thing, while lyrically, it’s loved-up – “honey[ed]”, even – without veering into overly saccharine territories. Certainly closer to the divine than damned end of the spectrum, no question.

Saint Cloud is available from March 27th via Merge Records, while Waxahatchee plays Islington Assembly Hall on June 27th.