Grimes & i_o, Violence.

It’s quite incredible how, whenever Grimes releases any new music, it feels like a cultural event. That these seem to be occurring with decreasing frequency almost certainly increases the hype – it has been the best part of a year since we first heard the HANA-featuring We Appreciate Power, and nearly four since the self-affirmed “piece of crap” full-length before it – although Violence just about justifies all that. A collaboration with mau5trap signee i_o (né Garrett Lockhart), perhaps expectedly, it vamps EDM but – mercifully – without ever really going for the jugular, as largely unintelligible lyrics waft atop prismatic arpeggi which hum beneath the proverbial bonnet like a revving engine. Together, they more or less hit sixty in its 220 seconds, but it lacks the breakneck invention of We Appreciate Power or even, dare I say it, Kill V. Maim.

Violence is available now via 4AD.