Janelle Monáe, PYNK (feat. Grimes).

While the sensual, instantly striking Make Me Feel had the prints of His Purpleness all over its suggestive, “shag carpet[ed]” temerities, PYNK – a third to surface from Janelle Monáe’s forthcoming comeback record, Dirty Computer – is more ‘dirty-minded’ in its friskily euphemistic manner than it is evocative of, for instance, Dirty Mind. Instead, an improbably symbiotic equilibrium between pulsating, Olof Dreijer-reminiscent verses and coarse, guitar-led choruses (incorporating a quiet nod to George Michael’s Faith, perhaps) is struck, Monáe racily professing to “getting lost in the dark [being her] favourite part.” And, another blinding reintroduction to one of her generation’s very brightest of sparks, replete with Grimesharmonies’ and yonic clothing, few would – or, for that matter, even could – put together so compelling an exploration of ‘sexuality’. Thus as Prince Rogers Nelson himself once sang of this being “all we ever need,” Monáe’s seemingly newfound self-certainty puts her in as commanding a position as anyone to lead the “New Age revelation” which He prophesied in 1981.

Dirty Computer is available from April 27th via Atlantic Records.