Katie Von Schleicher, Caged Sleep.

Any number with a driving bass line at the wheel is always likely to sit well with me, and Caged Sleep – a first to come from Katie Von Schleicher’s forthcoming Consummation full-length – is fuelled by ebullient low-end burbling. But above the hum beneath the proverbial bonnet is sax, and synth, and straight-laced guitar; most enticing, though, is Von Schleicher’s vocal. Evocative of Alison Goldfrapp’s satiny poise as much as it is low-key class acts such as Dana Gavanski and Madeline Kenney, it’s totally unrestrained yet never strained; unruly yet never entirely wild. And it perfectly complements a rousing song certainly befitting nocturnal carousing.

Consummation is available from May 22nd via Full Time Hobby.