Lykke Li, two nights (feat. Aminé) / sex money feelings die.

Aside from the odd monolexical Instagram caption – and ‘Xanax’ probably isn’t something to go blabbering about when you’ve veered off towards so-called ‘SoundCloud rap’ – precious few missteps have been made by Lykke Li along the campaign trail for her forthcoming fourth album, so sad so sexy. Granted, Aminé’s counter-argumentative intervention during the paranoiac two nights may be another, although the song itself is, otherwise, a smouldering delight, veinal pulses underpinning perfectly weighted keys and all manner of contemporary pop tropes. But it’s its resigned choral refrain (“Two nights in a row, where’d you go?/ I’ve been smokin’/ Two nights in a row, now I know that it’s broken”) that’ll likely witness this one installed as one of the inconsolable Swede’s greatest hits sharpish.

Less ‘great’, if still good by any one of her contemporaries’ lesser standards, is sex money feelings die; a short, unsure rendition, the production on which proves vaguely redolent of one Mr. West, while lyrically, drug-induced comedowns, indecisions and so on take centre stage. “And now the sun is up, I’m comin’ down/ Nobody nowhere, I’m nobody nowhere/ We just blow it up, blow it out” she’ll candidly divulge, and this – in spite of her flagrant glorification of recreational “lines,” “pills,” and the like – is something that she ought to be admired for.

so sad so sexy is available from June 8th via RCA Records / LL Recordings.