First Transmission: O. Girdler; Yeah, I Got Sick.

If there is one month which best represents a sort of seasonal reset, then it is almost certainly April: eyes start to itch; tops, alas, seemingly disintegrate upon exposure to even the merest hint of sunlight; M&S sells out of excessively syrupy ‘cocktails’ and suddenly – because of, or besides, the above – possibilities seem that little bit less finite. And O. Girdler’s Yeah, I Got Sick is exactly the kind of carefree, freely refreshed anthem for vernal rejuvenation: the sound of someone “without anything to lose,” it’s a gratifyingly rich, tapestried number brimming with a healthy number of nuanced Americana nods and an instrumental middle eight reminiscent of The Sleepy Jackson’s sublime Lovers. That it comes backed up by a dewy-eyed rendition of Skeeter Davis’ exceptional The End of the World makes it all the more alluring a release and, ultimately, an introduction that is – to pilfer from execrable frat vernacular – “sick,” indeed.

O. Girdler’s Bandcamp.