First Transmission: Overjoy, Same.

Redolent of DIANA, were Carmen Elle & Co. considerably better suited to sun-kissed pool parties and such, Overjoy’s Same proves a sparkling, opalescent listen, the slick like of which seems almost a mirage in the midst of this excessively lengthy heatwave. “You keep on running from the same, same thing/ I only know this, ’cause we’re running the same way,” sings Alexis Moraites in what I can only hope is more a metaphorical than literal sense, as propulsive, Moloko-like bass and glistering synths reminiscent of Four Tet’s seismic Jupiters bring the heat beneath. Travelling in very much the correct direction, then, Same makes for a most impressive introduction to this Los Angeles-based three-piece.

Overjoy’s SoundCloud.