Preoccupations, Anxiety.

“Check your anxiety/ No need to suffer silently” sang Matt Flegel, then of Viet Cong, on the cantankerous, turbulent Continental Shelf; and we’d now urge you check out the commensurately riotous (and thereby anything but silent) Anxiety below. Because, as Flegel et al. return as Preoccupations, “cryptic and incomprehensible” lyrical content once more combines with their idiosyncratic take on “urgency and unease” musical. There seems a somewhat autobiographical, or reflective tonality to it however, as a grizzly bridge hears his gristly baritone recalling Viet Cong’s “deteriorating to great acclaim,” mainly over their overtly provocative moniker; but as he then goes on to growl with stern intent, “I’m not here purely for the sake of breathing/ I am wide awake,” this most rousing of renascences is injected with true, and truly intimidating, immediacy anew.

Anxiety is taken from Preoccupations’ self-titled, forthcoming sophomore full-length, available from Friday, 16th September, via Jagjaguwar.