Preoccupations, Disarray.

It’s not solely lyrics along the decidedly conscious, yet disconsolate lines of, “Everything you’ve been told is a lie” which ensure Disarray – a third to emerge from Preoccupations forthcoming New Material full-length – has a thewy weight to it. Because, as Matt Flegel’s enervated vocal carries a quite incredible quality that’s at once both weary and woebegone, similarly inimitable is the feeling of fretful claustrophobia which he, Scott Munro, Daniel Christiansen and Mike Wallace have contrived. Thus although the aforementioned full-length may be meant as “an ode to depression…and self-sabotage,” on the back of that which we’ve heard already, there’s plenty to be (if not quite upbeat, then at least slightly) buoyant about, so far as these four Canadians may be concerned.

New Material is available from Friday, 23rd March via Jagjaguwar, while Preoccupations play Village Underground on June 5th.