Yeasayer, Ecstatic Baby.

Esoterically constructed, yet totally exoteric in terms of general allure, few do off-kilter, quality alt. pop quite like Yeasayer. And much like the likes of Fluttering in the Floodlights and I’ll Kiss You Tonight – also lifted from their forthcoming self-released full-length, Erotic Reruns – Ecstatic Baby makes for another thoroughly jubilant listen: strangely reminiscent of Say What You Want, were Texas’ masterpiece accelerated, elasticised and maybe ameliorated, its choral leitmotif vocal (“’Cause I’m ecstatic baby, when I’m with you/ I’m spinnin’ in circles, jumping over the moon”) perfectly epitomises the rapture so mawkishly associated with newfound romance in a way which is difficult for even the most cynical, loveless sorts to resist.

Erotic Reruns is available from June 7th via Yeasayer, while Yeasayer play Moth Club on August 22nd.