NZCA LINES, Real Good Time.

Ameliorating the mood, the release of NZCA LINES’ Real Good Time coincides with the announcement of Michael Lovett’s forthcoming Pure Luxury full-length.

Dirty Projectors, Lose Your Love.

As Dirty Projectors return with news of Flight Tower – the second of five EPs to be released this year – hear Felicia Douglass lead on Lose Your Love.

Braids, Just Let Me.

Making a connection that is eminently human, contradicting lyrics concerning growing disconnect, Braids reveal the rejuvenating Just Let Me.

AJIMAL; Above All Else, Be Kind.

While his acoustic spins intricate complexities, the real pleasure of AJIMAL’s Above All Else, Be Kind resides in the simplicity of its timely sentiment.

Phoebe Bridgers, Kyoto.

Truly lovely stuff, with a superlative vocal performance to match, Phoebe Bridgers reveals Kyoto – a second to come from her upcoming Punisher full-length.