First Transmission: Aadae, Just Found Out.

Suggestive of Too Lost In You, had the Sugababes’ most successful incarnation incorporated the chameleonic Anita Blay in place of the comparatively vapid Heidi Range, Aadae’s latest – entitled Just Found Out – proves a supremely impressive slice of polychromatic avant-pop, the like of which the UK has been pumping out all too infrequently lately. Intermingled in the Londoner’s intricately marbled triumph are Astatke-esque accents, strings reminiscent of a Maxim Moston arrangement, and embittered-but-emboldened lyrics symptomatic of your typical spurning. Thus although there may be an unshakeable sense of rejection intrinsic to it, Just Found Out brings with it an unassailable sense of redemption, too.

Aadae’s SoundCloud.