First Transmission: Barselona, Bankende Hjerter.

From the eminently credible (MØ, Oh Land) to the incredibly diabolical (Alphabeat, Aqua), Danish pop music has, over the years, covered more ground than the country’s 16,573 square mileage may have you believe. And while last year’s SPOT Festival, in the second city of Aarhus, showcased an admirable number of emergent proponents (foremostly KING, Skylar Fri, and Soleima), none exhibited more dynamism than Barselona, who today release a double-sided single the front of which – Bankende Hjerter – is as slick a slice of pristine synth-pop as anything that Rud Aslak and Rasmus Theodor have served up thus far in their fledgling existence.

Having previously completed the Danish edition of Duolingo (og, desværre, jeg snakker stadig ikke dansk), I’m still none the wiser as to what Aslak’s on about, but he does so winsomely as Theodor’s vibrant, bold instrumentation is perfectly complemented by consummate production that, although spotlessly clean, still teems with unmistakable character. The same can be said of Barselona’s idiosyncratic brand of upbeat, bittersweet songwriting of course, melancholy synths mingling with coruscating guitars and cherubic backing vocals to compelling effect below, and the pair remain very much on course for a tremendous, momentous 2019.

Bankende Hjerter / Fridag pt. 2 is available now via Virgin Music Denmark.