Cloud Nothings, So Right So Clean.

Not to be confused with a certain, similarly named OutKast track, So Right So Clean is, conversely, the latest to come from Cloud Nothings’ forthcoming Last Building Burning full-length, and it once again witnesses Dylan Baldi in welcomely bullish mood. Slack verses counterbalance blistering choruses, serrated guitars redolent of Bleed American scoring bloodthirsty relish into proceedings all the while, before the fervent, tattoo-worthy refrain: “I wish I could believe in your dream” brings it to a tumultuous close. Now, with the song having worked its way beneath the skin, who wants to go get that there lyric inked?

Last Building Burning is available from October 19th via Wichita Recordings, while Cloud Nothings play EartH on January 31st.