Daughters, Satan In the Wait.

Whenever anybody, or any band, returns to whatever it is they’re renowned for after an eight-year hiatus, the pressure is, perhaps necessarily, enormous; not least when you’ve as rabid a fanbase as this Rhode Island lot do. Mercifully for all involved, however, Daughters’ seven-minute Satan In the Wait totally vindicates those who’ve done so, so patiently, as tocsin-sounding guitars herald a gloriously discordant return: prowling bass, unapologetically primordial drums, and Alexis Marshall’s remarkable David Yow-like yowl (which, deployed to devastating impact, recites lines concerning “sucking concrete through a straw”) combine, before an improbably buoyant, New Wavy melody drifts to the fore. “This world is opening up!” Marshall squalls, as Satan In the Wait does likewise, flitting whimsically between squalid despondency and cloud-parting resplendence, prior to the prophetic: “Today’s gonna feel like tomorrow some day/ Tomorrows will feel like yesterday” refrain setting the tone for a suitably apocalyptic last salvo. A very welcome return, indeed.

Daughters’ Bandcamp.