Dirty Projectors, Lose Your Love.

No sooner have Dirty Projectors dropped their Windows Open EP, than another – this time entitled Flight Tower – has been announced. And, as if that weren’t prolific enough in times of comparative stagnation, there are a further three on the way. With each release comes a “switch[ing] up the perspective” or different vocal focus, and in this instance, Maia Friedman relinquishes such responsibilities to allow for Felicia Douglass to assume centre stage. For anyone fortunate enough to have caught the shape-shifting Brooklyn lot’s Lamp Lit Prose tour, this will doubtless come as welcome news, as a) the New Yorker’s softened tones are sweet without the stickiness which is so often concomitant, and b) they fit in perfectly with Dave Longstreth’s idiosyncratic songwriting. As they do here, the ligneous solemnities of, for example, Search For Life sacrificed in favour of infectious post-R&B inflexions and signature chop-and-screw contortion. And while lyrics concerning “cross[ing] to the unknown … crashing the home of the host” may be that bit too close to the proverbial for some, the song’s otherwise analgesic effects suggest Dirty Projectors may well be onto a winner once again.

Flight Tower is available from June 26th via Domino.