Manic Street Preachers, Liverpool Revisited.

Given James Dean Bradfield’s gravelly rendition and its comparatively rudimentary guitar solo – apparently written by one Nicholas Allen Jones – Liverpool Revisited may be about the crudest track to surface from the Manic Street Preachers’ forthcoming Resistance Is Futile full-length thus far. But, with a Rewind the Filmic spring in its surefooted step, this commemoration of the “dignity and pride” epitomised by those who played their improbably successful part in the Hillsborough Justice Campaign proves a particularly rousing listen all the same: Lulu-like ululations combine with bursts of backing vocal evocative of chants echoing from the Spion Kop to create an atmosphere that is at once both defiant and deferential. A fitting tribute on a memorable week on Merseyside, therefore.

Resistance Is Futile is available from Friday, 13th April via Columbia / Sony Music, while the Manic Street Preachers play The SSE Arena on May 4th and the Royal Festival Hall on June 19th.