NZCA LINES, Pure Luxury.

Ushered in by hurried arpeggi reminiscent of Computerwelt, and underpinned by propulsive drums, NZCA LINES’ Pure Luxury – a first track from Michael Lovett in no fewer than four years – makes for a striking reintroduction. Or its first ten-or-so seconds do, before Lovett halts it in its tracks. “Stop,” his vocal echoes, before it restarts with a verse so overloaded with idea that it’s too much to take in until a fourth or fifth listen. Elastic bass synths, 808 cowbells, and energetic falsetto combine to create a decidedly ’80s-indebted aesthetic, which is all well and good (and it’s great: amidst lyrics concerning “scented oils, expensive sheets,” and “complicated marinades” are nods to Prince circa Controversy and Memphis Industries labelmate David Brewis), although this does little to prep you for the supremely peppy chorus which follows. It’s built from knowingly showy, deliberately lurid synth-pop brilliance, as Lovett pleas: “Lock me in your ivory tower,” atop skyscraping top lines and engrossingly restive bottom end. It’s rounded off with a searing guitar solo, because of course, and really is high-ending off-kilter songwriting.

Pure Luxury is available now via Memphis Industries, while NZCA LINES play(s) Heaven on October 28th.