First Transmission: Waves of Dread, Over Now.

For all of two seconds, Waves of Dread’s Over Now proves improbably reminiscent of I Like The Way; for the ensuing four, redolent of Pump It Up. But mercifully for all involved, thereafter, this latest number to come from the Newcastle upon Tyne-based shoegazers recalls neither Bodyrockers nor Elvis Costello, conversely occasioning an attraction that’s very much its own. Granted, it’s gently evocative of The Electric Soft Parade’s early-oughties heydays – albeit by way of MGMT-worthy backing vocals and chiming, Charlotte Hatherley-like guitars – although there’s considerably more inspiration on show than these scattershot comparisons may have you believe. And, as new converts to their cause, we’d implore pumping Over Now as loudly as is allowed.

Waves of Dread’s SoundCloud.