Swearin’, Future Hell.

This particular corner of t’internet has transformed itself into something of a Swearin’ fansite of late – the Philadelphian four-piece have been here, there, and more or less everywhere recently – and with another month to go before they release their Fall into the Sun full-length, that likely won’t go changing any time soon. And nor should it for today, from said record, comes Future Hell: led by Kyle Gilbride, vocally, he’ll slather Black Francis-esque versatility over the kind of off-kilter track that, off the back of both Untitled (LA) and Grow into a Ghost before it, is fast becoming a calling card of sorts. And the outcome, once again, has us hooked on hold, longingly holding on for October 5th.

Fall into the Sun is available from October 5th via Merge Records, while Swearin’ play Moth Club on January 29th.