Grimes, 4ÆM.

Picking up pretty close to where the tenebrous, brilliant My Name is Dark left off – lyrically, at least – Grimes’ 4ÆM may begin with an instrumental segment that’s equal parts Andean and Asiatic, but it’s not too long before Claire Boucher is marrying yet more insomniac content with thus suitably nocturnal drum ’n’ bass. “We’re out late, at 4 a.m./ He says, ‘How’s the weather, baby?/ How’ve you been?’” she’ll repeat amidst a relentless blur of fluorescent synths reminiscent of Liam Howlett in his omnipotent pomp. And while it won’t necessarily sit too well alongside, say, the decelerated Violence, her forthcoming Miss Anthropocene full-length certainly sounds like it’ll benefit from a full complement of eccentric twists and turns, all while retaining a quintessentially accessible core.

Miss Anthropocene is available from February 21st via 4AD.